Visitation from Uruguay customer


With the rapidly development of the company and the continuous innovation of R&D technology, ASTA agricultural drones are also expanding the international market and attracting many foreign customers to visit.

With the further expansion of the business, ASTA products have been highly recognized by the local markets in some countries in South America. Yesterday, Largest agricultural service and forest producers ‘s company from Uruguay came to our company, and customer were warmly welcomed by ASTA company

Mr. Penny, our CEO, negotiated business with customers and exchanged detailed information on company strength, development planning, product sales and typical cooperative customers.

There are two major aspects of this customer survey. Undoubtedly, agricultural drones are one of the key research targets. The other is the after-sales system of agricultural drones and the future development direction .

The technical staff of ASTA show the detail of products and software to the customer. also operate and test the drone's multiple flight modes on-site, allowed customers to experience and operate the drones themselves. Stable product quality and professional technology have been highly evaluated by customers. Customer has appreciated that ASTA research and development capabilities, production capacity, management and other aspects. For the questions by the client, Our CEO Mr.Penny and engineer Donald have provided meticulous answers, rich professional knowledge and excellent working ability, which left a deep mark on the customer Santiago.

After visiting, Uruguayan customer and our company conducted in-depth discussions on future cooperation between ASTA and Uruguayan customers and build partner relation .

The visitation of foreign customers not only strengthened the communication between our company and foreign customers, but also laid a solid foundation for our ASTA drone products to better internationalize. In the future, we will always offer high-quality products, actively expand market share, and constantly improve the product quality and perfect after-sales service system of agricultural drones.