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2400w 6-14s portable fast charger for drone
AGWP-22 is with double gps, 7 inch LCD remote control with FPV camera, terrain level sensor. break point continual, auto pilot. Factory manufacture with favorable price. we have two options on spray system. installed under motor base or spray sprinkler.
if the crop density is not particularly large and the atomization effect is good, centrifugal sprinklers will be more applicable, such as wheat sprayed foliar fertilizers, and some ordinary crop pest control.
Do you exactly understand agricultural drone ?
Agricultural plant protection unmanned aircraft by virtue of its high efficiency, not terrain, terrain restrictions, can be fixed hover to precision operations and other advantages, become now the hot field of agricultural aviation.
Today it is a wonderful day in ShenZhen. The Ukrainian company SKYGROUP, a large agricultural company, Evgen Smelyanskiy came to visit us ---ASTA company, especially for our company's agricultural drones. Since Ukraine is a big agricultural country, it is introduced to us that Ukraine is a big agricultural country.
Drone Agriculture sprayer use in agriculture and forestry operations, especially in agricultural plant protection applications, with its efficient, fast, low cost advantage has been the majority of rural collective economic organizations and farmers welcome. However, the current agricultural and forestry plant protection UAV prices generally higher farmers can not afford to bear, seriously hampered the modernization of agricultural plant protection process.
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