Mapping aircraft
Mapping aircraft
Multi-functional surveillance 1kg payload 2 hour long range distance Fixed wing drone UAV
1 set
100set / Month

Mapping aircraft Body material:
carbon fiber, glass fiber, Kevlar, PVC, etc.
Maximum take-off weight:
Maximum payload:
2.2kg (standard load: 1.2kg)
Endurance time:
3.67H (220min)@1kg load (measured near calm sea level)

Mapping aircraft camera options
The development of this Fixed Wings Multui-function Drone was based on long-endurance and long-range requirements according to the characteristics of the application for surveying and mapping and patrol. One minute rapid deployment is achieved through modular design, which makes a better operating experience for users. With the design of independent payload cabin, users can replace the payload flexibly according to the operation requirements.

Mapping aircraft
Mapping aircraft

Mapping aircraft aluminum package