Why do agricultural drones need to use professional batteries?


The use of professional drone batteries can make drone flight more stable, reduce the various unsafe factors of the drone, and increase the flight time of the aircraft.

TATTU plant protection drone lithium battery uses high-end raw materials such as thick diaphragm, electrolyte, positive and negative materials, imported from Japan, Germany, Belgium, with the company's patented formula and production process, thereby improving the stability of the battery, making the battery It is not easy to cause internal short circuit; reduce the consumption of electrolyte, ensure the high electrolyte retention, increase the cycle life of the battery; the lithium ion penetration speed is fast, the internal resistance is small, the battery work temperature is lowered, and the cycle life is improved.

TATTU battery relies on superb production technology and professional battery production technology, has strong quality assurance, has a big improvement in energy density, battery life, cycle performance, compatibility, etc., can adapt to more than 96% of the market demand, cost-effective High, is the best quality battery in the agricultural drone battery industry.