Professional charger 2400w for High-power battery


ASTA Technology is a professional manufacturer for agriculture drone and spare parts for over 6 years. we supply different power charger for more options.

1. according to different power: 1080w/1200w/1800w/2400w

more power, less charging time.

2. according to charging battery quantity at one time: 2 ports /4 ports

more ports, more batteries can be charged at one time.

3. if with LCD screen

4. 6-12s/6-14s supported

Highly recommended: 2400w-14s 4 ports charger

1. Dual charging, support smart battery. Two independent power supplies are used internally, and the maximum charging current of each channel is 25A.

2.Built-in multiple functions, simple, smart and easy to use. Big LCD screen.
Balance charging function: According to the user's choice of mode, the charger will charge two sets of batteries at the same time, and will stop automatically when fully charged.
Battery maintenance function: One key to select"maintenance"mode, the charger will automatically maintain the two sets of batteries to the storage voltage at the same time.

3. The output charging power is 2400w, and the maximum balance current is 1.52A/cell. For some batteries with unbalanced voltage, it can repair the balance voltage, keep the voltage of each battery cell consistent, and extend the service life of the battery.

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