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The use of professional drone batteries can make drone flight more stable, reduce the various unsafe factors of the drone, and increase the flight time of the aircraft.
With the rapidly development of the company and the continuous innovation of R&D technology, ASTA agricultural drones are also expanding the international market and attracting many foreign customers to visit.
A multi rotor is a rotary aircraft with more than two rotor systems, typically unmanned. Multirotor is the general term for any unmanned system that isn’t a traditional helicopter. Examples being: tricopter, quadcopter, hexcopter, octocopter, etc…Since there are such a wide variety of rotor systems, it’s easier to classify everything into a common group called multirotors.
Founded in 2013, Shenzhen Aosida Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, China. It is a professional designer and manufacturer of agricultural drone applicable platform. It is suitable for agricultural spraying, drone mapping, aerial photography and other fields.
In recent years, Farmland aviation spray has gradually introduced the agriculture drone. It has a farm manned fixed wing spray aircraft more than 140 aircraft, more than 60 helicopters, but there are still more areas are not suitable for large-scale use of people spray aircraft, so that unmanned aerial vehicles sprayed into a new agricultural equipment industry.
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