Hospital uses drones to deliver nucleic acid samples in 13 minutes


In the afternoon, a drone carrying nucleic acid test samples took off from the square in front of the outpatient building of the hospital, flew to the medical inspection center, and arrived at its destination in 13 minutes. Afterwards, the staff took the samples out of the drone's special thermostatic cargo box and quickly sent them to the inspection department for inspection.

"Anti-epidemic is a race against the virus. If we can save time in nucleic acid sampling and transportation, we can gain the initiative to fight the epidemic." Drones have been used to transport medical samples more than a year ago. During the epidemic prevention and control period It played an important role.
The ground distance from the hospital to the medical inspection center is about 13.5 kilometers. According to the previous method of transporting nucleic acid samples on the ground, the journey takes more than an hour. The air distance of drone transportation is about 10.3 kilometers, and the destination can be reached in about 13 minutes. efficiency of inspection reports.

The drone, with a load of 10 kg, has a maximum load of 800 samples. There are special incubators and internal cold chain measures to ensure the constant temperature in the sample transport box, which can ensure the quality and safety of the samples, and is suitable for moderate rain, moderate snow and level 5 windy weather. In order to ensure the timely and effective transportation of new crown samples, the drone can be loaded at any time and set off at any time. In necessary scenarios, it can be "on call" 24 hours a day, and if necessary, it can also be delivered at night. In addition, the drone also has an explosion-proof function, and the sample sampling tubes carried are made of plastic, which is not easy to be damaged.