Four step help you know more about agricultural drone


Do you exactly understand agricultural drone ?

Agricultural plant protection unmanned aircraft by virtue of its high efficiency, not terrain, terrain restrictions, can be fixed hover to precision operations and other advantages, become now the hot field of agricultural aviation.

In the process of agricultural plant protection UAV operation, there may be irregularities as follows, please pay more attention, pay attention to prevent and ensure the efficiency of spraying at the same time, more to protect personal safety and environmental safety.

First, the stability of the control system is poor

A stable and easy-to-control flight control system is a prerequisite for the production of all plant-based UAVs. Unfortunately, at this stage, most of the plant protection UAV enterprises do not have the flight control system of independent research and development capabilities, they use most of the flight control for the aircraft model and aerial photography and other design, can not meet the farm operations needs. This flight control system under the control of plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles, to the aviation plant protection industry has brought great risks.

Second, the lack of core components or precision is not enough

Farmland environment is complex and changeable, the field in addition to crops, as well as shelter, poles and other non-operating objects exist. Once the aircraft in the course of operation encountered protective forest or poles, it will lead to fried machine. Therefore, through the sensor to detect the surrounding environment to avoid obstacles, the plant protection UAV is very important. However, many small and medium-sized plant protection UAV companies are not aware of this, the sensor configuration is missing. Also mentioned above, the GPS system, small parts of the accuracy is not enough, it will lead to route deviation, resulting in leakage spray, heavy spray and other poor spray phenomenon.

Third, plant protection machine body material quality, but off

The main task of plant protection UAV is to spray pesticides.

In the plant protection process, the body, piping systems, nozzles and pesticides will be in direct contact. And most of the pesticides are corrosive, if the quality of plant protection machine material, but off, plant protection UAV anti-corrosion ability will be insufficient, pesticides will plant protection UAV corrosion. Complex and changing natural conditions, the cumulative use of the process, the body toughness, stiffness and other mechanical indicators will also be a significant decline, strain of plant protection UAV will become a huge hidden dangers in the hands of farmers.

Fourth, amateur flying hands lead to drawbacks

Nowadays, with the rapid development of agricultural plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles, many people are eager to use advanced equipment for spraying operations, but ignored the importance of flying hands.

If you are using a remote control, you will not be able to understand the problems of farmland spraying, such as farmland (farmland terrain, land, land type, etc.), crop situation (crop type (Temperature, relative humidity, natural wind direction, wind speed, relative humidity), operating conditions (flight speed, flight height, nozzle type, spray flow, agent type, pharmaceutical ratio, etc.), weather conditions (temperature, relative humidity, natural wind direction, wind speed, Wait).

These specific problems need to be a specific analysis, otherwise it will lead to a lot of bad consequences: route planning missteps will produce leakage spray, heavy spray and other phenomena; pharmacy selection error or pharmaceutical imbalance is likely to produce phytotoxicity; spray amount is not appropriate, too few Spray the amount of less than the standard effect, excessive spraying lead to waste of resources; spray density is not large enough, the amount of fog on the unit area is too small, the lack of pesticide absorption of leaves, not the efficacy and so on.