Drone agriculture spray 50 liters heavy payload for crops pesticides


The brand-new agriculture spray drone 50L big payload with factory price

Video 1 : 50L spray drone

Video 2: AGL-50 agriculture spray UAV

AGL-50 is a ready to fly drone. with all necessory accessories included in the quotation as below:

Full set drone frame, with autonomous flight control system.

2 GPS system, very stable.

8 axis , motors + ESC+ propellers

8 nozzles + pump (spray system)

2 lipo 27000mAh 7s lipo battery

1 charger (1080w/2400w)

1 remote control 7inch LCD

1 FPV camera

1 aluminum case with wheels


1. autopilot flight, intelligent spraying system, AB point.
2. 7 inch LCD remote control with FPV camera
3. Dose monitor, liquid sensor
4. Battery low voltage protection
5. Continuel spray in medical break point
6. terrain level sensor radar (optional)

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