Agriculture drone application


In recent years, Farmland aviation spray has gradually introduced the agriculture drone. It has a farm manned fixed wing spray aircraft more than 140 aircraft, more than 60 helicopters, but there are still more areas are not suitable for large-scale use of people spray aircraft, so that unmanned aerial vehicles sprayed into a new agricultural equipment industry. Although the agricultural sprayed is still in the beginning stage, but the application of spray unmanned aerial vehicles will become the fastest growing in recent years, an emerging field.
Monitoring of vegetation coverage in agriculture drone
Vegetation coverage is an important parameter to describe the distribution of vegetation on the surface, which is of great significance in the analysis of vegetation cover parameters and evaluation of ecological environment in the area, which is of great value to guide the production of crops. With the promotion and development of precision agriculture in China, relying on remote sensing to detect the change of crop coverage has become an important means of monitoring.
Satellite optical remote sensing and artificial ground acquisition of digital images as a common practice of vegetation coverage statistics in China, there are flaws that are vulnerable to cloud cover and are costly; and artificial ground collection of digital images can not meet the space while being affected by the weather Resolution and time resolution requirements, time-consuming applications in a large area of time-consuming, low efficiency.
The emergence of low-altitude unmanned aerial vehicles is a good way to make up for the lack of satellite remote sensing, improve the efficiency of artificial ground acquisition of digital effects, reduce labor and time waste, improve the accuracy of vegetation coverage monitoring.
China has applied the means of monitoring the vegetation coverage of unmanned aerial vehicles to the coverage of winter wheat. The data can monitor the coverage rate of winter wheat and obtain the threshold of vegetation index dynamically for the study area.

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