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aerial mapping aircraft
aerial mapping aircraft
Professional Aircraft Long Distance Vtol Fixed Wing Uav Security Drone
1 set
100set / Month
aerial mapping aircraft specifications:
•Feature: Rotary vertical take-off and landing fixed wing/one button return/out of control return.
•Color: White
•Material: Carbon fiber composite material
•Control mode: Fully automatic/Half automatic
•Control radius: 30km
•Max.climb speed: 4m/s
•standard take-off weight: 15.5kg
•Max payload weight: 5kg
• Cruise Speed: 70km/h
•Max.Descend speed: 5m/s
•Max.Flight Speed: 120Km/h
•Max.Altitude AMSL : 4500m
•Max. Flight Time: 200 min
•Flying Distance: 265km(265km with Sony A7RIl Camera)
Max Wind Resistance: lever 6
•Landing Type: vertical take-off and landing
•Battery: 6S 30000mAh*2
•Working Temperature: -10~60℃
•Aircraft dimensions: 3378*1500*500mm
•Packing size: 1350*600*450 mm

aerial mapping aircraft
aerial mapping aircraft packaging