Advantages of Agriculture drone


Drone Agriculture sprayer use in agriculture and forestry operations, especially in agricultural plant protection applications, with its efficient, fast, low cost advantage has been the majority of rural collective economic organizations and farmers welcome. However, the current agricultural and forestry plant protection UAV prices generally higher farmers can not afford to bear, seriously hampered the modernization of agricultural plant protection process. Coupled with the crop height and density restrictions, large machinery is difficult to enter the land spraying pesticides, even if the selection of advanced pesticide spraying machinery will cause a certain area of damage to crops, thus affecting the yield. Artificial work, labor intensity is not large, long operating time, poor ventilation and other factors easily lead to the work of drug poisoning and the degree of uneven spraying and so on, fail to achieve the desired results. The solution to these problems seems to be non-agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles.

Efficient and environmentally friendly

Relative to the fixed-wing aircraft, Agriculture drone light weight, small size, mobility is good, do not need professional runway, in the lawn and peace can take off and land, very suitable for the province of complex terrain pesticide spraying pesticide operations. And unmanned aerial vehicles in the operation, the flight speed, and crop distance, spray height and so on can be based on the needs of crops for flexible adjustment. Professional agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles and crops from the minimum distance can be maintained at a fixed height of 1-2m, the scale can also reach 80-100 acres per hour, the efficiency of at least 100 times higher than conventional spraying. Will not cause excessive pesticide spraying phenomenon, can greatly save pesticides and water resources, and to avoid excessive consumption of pesticides and agricultural products harmful to the occurrence of human health; nor pesticide spraying is not enough to eliminate the pests and diseases caused by crop reduction. Environmental pollution can be greatly improved, and due to the use of remote control aircraft, pesticides on the harm of the applicator can also be greatly reduced.

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