22kg agriculture drone
22kg agriculture drone
High quality AGWP-22L agriculture spray drone for fumigation
1 set
100set / Month

22kg agriculture dronespecifications:
•Model:                                           AGWP-22
•Main Parts Material:                     4.5K carbon fiber
•Total Weight (without battery):    16.7kg
•Unfolded Size:                             1820*1820*730mm (without propeller)
•Folded Size:                                  1008*942*730mm
•Battery Weight:                             5kg(2pcs)
•Empty Load Weight with battery: 21.7kg
•Full Load Weight with battery:      43.7kg
• Spray time(1 full load tank):       10-12minutes
•Battery:                                           6S 24000mAh X2  22.2V
•Battery Lifetime:                            300-500 times
•Telecontrol Distance:                      0-10km
•Suggest Spraying Height:               1.5-3m above crops
•Work Efficiency:                             >4.8 hectares/hour
•Operation Speed:                           2-8m/second
•Max Flying Speed:                         10 m/s
•Standard Operating Payload:          22L
•Flying Control Mode:                     GPS/self-stabilization
•Battery Charging Time(2pcs at one time): 30-40 mins
•Max Take Off Weight:                     48Kg
•Max Flying Height:                          50m
•Spray Width:                                     6.0-8.0m( 1.5 -3 m above crops)
•Standard Nozzle(Addible):               6 pcs
•Gross Packing Weight:                      60kg
•Packing size:                                     1120*950*880mm
•Feature/Function: A-B point spray, Area spraying plan, Break point continual spraying. Empty tank reminder, Terrain follow spraying, FPV camera, image transmit

22kg agriculture drone AB point mode

22kg agriculture drone drone filed plan


22kg agriculture drone terrain level sensor & precision camera